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February 10, 2014

Social Media Stalker Gets It!

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Professional Dominatrix Mona Wales returns to Divine Bitches taunting Ruckus for his incessant flirting with her online. Ruckus can’t wait for Mona to get her hands on him but who ever said it was his decision anyway? Ruckus needs punishment and Mona decides humiliating his straight-edged vegan ass would be the most entertaining. His cock and balls are connected to a ball and chain while he’s beat, tied in suspension bondage and rubbed down with a meaty sausage all over his herbivorous body while filling his ass with her meaty cock then used as a human dildo and drained of all his sperm!

Watch this slutty vegan get the punishment he deserves!

February 3, 2014

Madeline’s Manhattan Dungeon Adventure Part 2!

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Maitresse Madeline is back in part 2 of my New York City adventures at the famous midtown Manhattan dungeon! Rob is back for the second time in a row and needs to be cured of his disgusting ailments of chronic masturbation and general pervertedness! I do my best to heal him with heavy humiliation, punishment, cock torture, prostate milking, pegging, pussy worship with dildo gag and edging and milking his cock while he’s immobile in a latex vacu bed!

Watch Rob Get His Nuts Humiliated!

January 8, 2013


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Stigma is one of the strongest players in BDSM. He was lucky last year to have first served The Princess. Then he was honored with the opportunity to serve Maitresse. It’s hard to top that powerhouse of female supremacy so we invite Miss Adams in to bring Stigma to his knees like only Miss Adams is able to do.
Corporal punishment, intricate bondage, intense CBT with the cattle prod and intense moments of complete submission fill this update.
In the end Miss Adams takes Stigma on a journey to determine what truly makes a man a man. Stigma gives Miss Adams the ultimate gift yet it’s apparent Stigma walks away a fortunate submissive.

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Who’s the Little Bitch Now?

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Rico requested a second round with me but when he walks into the boiler room he’s a total mess. He’s forgotten everything he learned in our last session. His toes are a mess even though I told him to cut the dirty things. He still can’t pronounce my name to save his life and he has the audacity to talk back. His bratty attitude is expected and pretty typical. But once I have the symbol of his manhood pinched nicely with rope connected to the wall his tone changes. He desperately tries to reach and clean my asshole inflicting pain on his own balls and we really see who the bitch is now.

I’ll admit I’m a bitch. I’m the one Divine Bitch Rico can’t seem to get enough of.

This update includes CBT, flogging, caning, cattle prod, ass worship, strap-on ass fucking and one sexy bitch in latex!

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The Adjustment of Wolf Hudson: Episode 1

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Divine Bitch: Mistress DragonLily
Worm: Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson and Maitresse Madeline have history. Last year Madeline hit a cord during a training session with Wolf which left him raw and exposed. Maitresse decides to allow him to be one of the first male submissives to go through training with the Divine Bitches in order to be eligible to serve on the prestigious Upper Floor. Maitresse calls upon DragonLily the “exotic temptress” to assist in Wolf’s adjustment. DragonLily is drop dead gorgeous and knows how to use her sensuality to her advantage. She teases Wolf with her beauty and pussy only to deny him access. She expertly trains Wolf through three goals first by plugging his ass, then flogging and caning him, making him worship her delicious asshole while she gets her pleasure and finally fucking this stubborn slut in the ass. Strap-on ass fucking is something this submissive has somehow avoided during his other training sessions and Maitresse decides it’s about time he get fucked! Watch as Wolf takes a big cock in his ass just to make Maitresse and DragonLily happy. This episode will have all foot fans in a frenzy, it includes foot worship, shoe worship, strap-on ass fucking, ass licking and ass worship!

Don’t miss all of Wolf’s episodes with the Divine Bitches! Come back and see the next Divine Bitch continue his training and find out if he has what it takes to serve Maitresse again and make it to The Upper Floor.

Maitresse’s evaluation

•Attitude Adjustment
-adjust cocky pornstar attitude
•Anal Training
-learn to take the cock of a woman anally
•Foot and ass worship
-learn proper body worship

Attitude was slightly adjusted with flogging, caning and humiliating ass fucking. Left with a much more humble attitude. Needs further drilling in order to improve proficiency with anal fucking. Greedy with foot and ass worship but room for improvement and shows enthusiasm.

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DIVINE BITCHES : Sperm Extraction

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3 sadistic lesbian scientists are delighted when a new specimen is admitted to the psych ward. He’s the finest piece of meat that has come through the doors. The ladies want to be impregnated and Jack finds that the women who run the hospital are crazy and will stop at nothing to get his sperm! They stimulate his prostate, cane and paddle him. His balls are clamped and stretched. The ladies then pull a train on his ass. There’s nothing he can do but lie there totally helpless, get used just for his sperm and left like a piece of meat!

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Testing the Plebian

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Jack Hammer has been pleading for the honor to train with the Divine Bitches and be invited to serve on The Upper Floor. Madeline decides to throw him to the dirtiest dominatrix she knows Mistress Flower Tucci! She’s not scared to get her hands dirty and takes on the task of testing Jack out in the dirty bowels of The Armory. Mistress Tucci chews him up, soaks him with her squirting pussy and tortures his cock with a cock crimper. The harder he gets while she teases him with her ass the more it hurts! She uses a rat trap on his balls, fills his ass with an ass hook, smothers him with her big juicy ass and drains his balls till he is left raw and out of breath. It’s safe to say Mistress Tucci puts Jack through the ringer. Will he ever have a chance to get out of the bowels of the dungeon and train with the Divine Bitches? Only Maitresse Madeline can decide his fate!

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DIVINE BITCHES : Cuckold Wedding

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Aiden Starr and Daniel are in Las Vegas and just got married. They make their way back to a seedy motel downtown where Aiden has much more planned than a romantic honeymoon! She now has her slave collar around his finger for the rest of his pathetic life. Aiden shows Daniel just what married life is going to be like for him with flogging, caning, double zippers, clamps and hot wax. She uses him for her own pleasure and completely humiliates him by locking him in a chastity belt and pounds him in the ass while waiting for her boyfriend to come over and take her on the town! Her boyfriend arrives while she’s fucking her husband from behind! Aiden leaves with her boyfriend so she can get fucked by a real man while Daniel is left there raw and humiliated!

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The Training of a Hellhound: Episode 1

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Divine Bitch: Mistress Ashley Fires
Worm: Derrick P.
Mr Acworth and Mr Mogul introduced Maitresse Madeline during an Upper Floor party as the female house dominant in charge of training submissive men. She was ushered in on a throne by two hellhound slave boys who fiercely protect her. Maitresse is looking for another hellhound and Mistress Ashley Fires begins training the first possible candidate pup Derrick P the lifestyle dogboy who thinks he has what it takes. The pound hound is scrubbed down, paddled and made to worship ass. He is made to get his mistress off over and over again. Mistress Ashley takes on the last training goal by ramming dogboy in the ass deep with a strap-on cock. Mistress Ashley gets hers but does she give dogboy permission to release or is he left fucked and denied?
Be sure to watch all of Derrick’s episodes here at Divine Bitches and see if he does indeed have what it takes!
Maitresse’s Evaluation
1.protection with appropriate aggressive behavior
turn dogboy from a Chihuahua to a Doberman

learn to properly serve a woman’s ass

3.strength and endurance
please a women for extended periods while taking pain and other distractions
4.anal training
take a women’s cock for her amusement

Closing assessment
•long way to go before he will serve as a hellhound on The Upper Floor
•failed to protect, not appropriate aggressive behavior like a Chihuahua
•eager to service a woman’s ass but still much to messy and impatient
•eager to prove his strength and endurance when pleasing a woman to orgasm
•lacks grace
•anal training was promising

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The Making of a Dominant: Episode 1

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Guest Domme: Mistress Nika Noire
Sub: Curt Wooster
Maitresse Madeline calls upon Mistress Nika Noire to guest domme on Divine Bitches. Nika’s blazing hot, tough and won’t take any crap from the dirty little worms who are lucky enough to worship at her feet. Curt Wooster has evolved over time with aspirations to become a dominant at The Armory. He’s expressed strong interest to work with Mr. Mogul and Maestro. Before he can be handed over to mentor under Mr. Mogul he needs to be prepared beforehand. Mistress Noire puts Curt through a series of objectives heavily caning and cropping him while his balls are locked in a humbler. She completely humiliates him by fucking his ass from behind while he is made to watch videos of Mr Mogul and Maestro working their magic. In the end she uses his cock for her pleasure then collects his pathetic filthy load in a bottle to bring back to Madeline for inspection!
Will Curt progress to gimp status and work for Mr Mogul? Does he have what it takes to truly become dominant? Come back to Divine Bitches to witness his progression!
This update includes caning, cropping, ball torture, oral servitude, humiliation and strap-on ass fucking.
Maitresse’s Evaluation
1.pain processing
effciently process pain

2.strength and presence
exude self assurance and tenacity

strength of physical constitution
Closing assessment
•appeared to make a real effort at pain processing
•completely humiliated and broken down in order to build strength and presence
•must work on stamina in stressful situations

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